Portland Metro Residential services provides 24-hour residential care to people with intellectual/developmental disabilities. We provide support to people with all abilities in a person-centered manner. Our caring and dedicated employees will take the time to know a person, understand their likes, their life goals, their hobbies, passions and relationship goals. They will help develop a person-centered plan with the supported person, their family and others that are important in their life that includes:

Community inclusion
Medical supports/Mental Health needs
Being a productive member of the community
Educational and/or vocational goals
Financial needs/supports
Relationship development/ enhancement

The plan will include identifying any barriers that may stand in the way of their goals and determine how to “knock down the barriers to build opportunities”.

We have successfully supported people in very memorable vacations that include trips to Disneyland, Las Vegas, Hawaii, New York, New Orleans, the San Diego Zoo, and Sea World to name a few of the many vacation places our supported persons have enjoyed. We have company events such as Holiday Parties, Halloween Parties, company picnics that everyone can enjoy, family friends, neighbors, sometimes the local fire department and anyone else that cares to have a fun filled day of games, water balloon fights, a good old fashion game of kick ball, etc. We also support people in giving back to their community through making donations at Christmas time to foster children in need of coats, toy drives, food drives, making gift bags to hand out to people in need. Participating in events with a person’s local church and/or community affiliations.